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Make Money Taking Surveys

Product Overview: Make Money Taking Surveys is a service that provides fee based surveys for its members. The concept is that large corporations (such as Coca-Cola, Sony etc.) need basic market information from everyday consumers; in the past they called people at home and asked for their cooperation to answer a few questions. Now people are less willing to do that so larger corporations have moved to paying consumers to take their surveys (usually done online).

Make Money Taking Surveys has developed a network of companies that need surveys completed and then distributes them to its members. On average, the surveys take about 20 minutes to complete and pay between $10 and $40. From consumer feedback, it appears the surveys are fairly easy (not intellectually challenging) to complete and offer a decent opportunity to incur supplemental income.

Company Info: Make Money Taking Surveys, Inc. was created by Lauren Mitchell. Company Headquarters—Akron, Ohio.

Company Website:

Product Specifications: Make Money Taking Surveys is a fee based annual membership that provides new surveys daily for its members.

Price: $39.95 Annual Membership

Return Policy: 60 day money back guarantee



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